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Hi, my name is Geoff Plumb and I'm a lifelong railway enthusiast!

I was also a professional television cameraman, employed by London Weekend TV and Granada TV before going freelance in 1997, though now more or less retired. My interest in railways was encouraged by my father from the age of about 2 years old in the Sheffield area, I first took up railway photography (Black & White) as a schoolboy hobby in 1962, this interest in photography leading me into television eventually. I started taking 35mm colour slides in 1963 on a Voigtländer Vito CLR camera which saw me through to the end of steam in the UK in 1968. I then began travelling abroad in search of steam and upgraded to Pentax SLRs, on which the majority of my 30 odd thousand colour slides have been taken. I started in the digital field with the Pentax *istD digital SLR some years ago. After a few years I upgraded to the Pentax K20D Digital SLR, and I've now upgraded again to the Pentax K-5IIs DSLR, I'm looking forward to using this camera from now on! 35mm Slides and Negatives on this site are scanned with a Minolta DiMage Scan Elite 5400 film scanner, prints are scanned using an Epson Perfection 1260 flatbed scanner. Like others, I hope to be able to publish a selection of my photos from over the years, hopefully for everyone's enjoyment! This will take a while, so please bear with me...

CONTACT ME: All photos are covered by copyright - if you wish to use any of the photos, or order any prints directly from me, please get in touch via the "Contact Me" button which appears at the top right of this page and each Gallery thumbnails page.
Many Thanks, Geoff Plumb.

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Welcome to the New Site!

As you may be aware, SmugMug has updated the appearance of sites recently, so this is the new face of Plumb Loco! It is still a work in hand, so things may change again from time to time as I get to grips with the new tools etc.

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Everything that was in the old site is still here and I'm constantly adding material, as before, both old and new. I'm also replacing shots uploaded some time ago with larger versions, though this is rather a slow process.

I hope you will enjoy the new look of the site - if you have any queries, please use the Contact Me button to get in touch.

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Many thanks, Geoff Plumb



BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T No. 80131 near Buttington with the 09:45 train from Whitchurch to Welshpool. Although it appears to be running "wrong line", the track here was two parallel single lines, one from Whitchurch and one from Shrewsbury, which joined at Buttington. Monday 27th July 1964. Slide No. 834.
DMU, Thame Junction, 3rd September 1988

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